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Clinical Talk by Carol Granger
“A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner’s Perspective on Working with People Affected by Cancer”

Carol Granger
Carol Granger

Carol presents her perspective on the contribution that nutritional therapy can make to people affected by cancer. She is currently undertaking research in this area for a Professional Doctorate in Health, and in this presentation she highlights some key areas of evidence underpinning practice. This includes evidence on diet and specific supplements. She discusses the importance of support for cancer practitioners in providing effective care for cancer clients. Although focussing on cancer, these themes are relevant for any area of practice with clients affected by serious health issues.

Speaker Bio:
Carol Granger is a practicing nutritional therapist with an honours degree in biochemistry and a Master’s in microbiology. She has been a Chartered Biologist since 1986 and has two decades of experience in bioscience research, diagnostics and medical technology. Her earliest work in nutrition was on the delivery of intravenous nutrition for people with cancer and a growing interest in ‘real nutrition’ led to a career change to nutritional therapy! She practices in London and West Sussex and is committed to evidence-based practice, professional regulation and advancing standards in nutritional therapy. She is Chair of the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) and a trustee of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine (RCCM).

Date of Talk:

24th October 2013


61 minutes

Clinical; Cancer; Evidence-based; Research

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