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Welcome to the Nutrition Coach Network

My name is Kate Cook and I have been practicing as an NT for 13 years – instead of the job getting easier it just seems to get more difficult! As more and more Nutritional Therapists graduate increasing numbers mean stiffer competition. A lot of the younger graduates understand more about social media and marketing than I ever did and the more established practitioners have more experience. Either way, you can feel that you are being left behind!

Instead of being able to get on and do the job you love (being an NT) you have to learn a whole new job – marketing, sales, accounting, admin, public speaking, sales conversion, speaking to customers, self promotion. We wear SO many different hats. I worked very hard, nearly ruining my own health in the process to get a busy practice in Harley Street where I have seen over 7,000 patient – but to get there has been a hard slog and I am still learning!

The one thing I missed most was a community – I didn’t know if I was doing the right or wrong thing! I had good expertise in terms of business in some areas but could really have done with help in others (social media!). This year I will publish my 6th book so I haven’t been sitting on my hands but I still have so much to learn but also so much to pass on to other Nutritional therapists – to stop YOU making the same mistakes I did.

I think we all should never stop learning! So I have set up this Network (It is COMPLETELY independent – we are not supported by any other business; we are practitioners just like you!). I feel that as a community, we can be much stronger TOGETHER, we can learn from each other, we can help each other. Should we be afraid that we are competitors? I am convinced not. If you can find your NICHE and really follow and market yourself successfully in your own area, there is room for everyone.

This Network is not for every NT – only the very serious practitioners, who understand that they have to invest in themselves, will benefit. If you do not invest in yourself NOW then all that lovely nutrition knowledge will go up in smoke and you could end up going back to your day job, or worse, you will run around being incredibly busy but barely making a profit. You can’t do this alone!

Don’t be one of the 94% of NTS who are no longer practicing after TWO years.

This Network will save you time and money and give you the FAST route to getting your business to a place where you LOVE what you do!

  • No travelling to and from lectures
  • Great variety in topics
  • The ONLY place for regular business lectures
  • Discounts on products and services
  • HANDOUTS done for you – Saving you HOURS of time
  • Archive of material stretching back over two years (we are adding to our Vault month by month)
  • Staying connected in an independent forum
  • Complete your compulsory CDP (self directed learning) ALL in one place
  • A HUB for all your NT life – you don’t have to join other sites


1 FREE Nutriotional online seminar a month and Q&A session saving you over £70 per month

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